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The Sun Tanning Store sells thousands of bottles of sunless solution each year to salons and professional mobile spray tan technicians. One of the most frequent questions we receive from customers new to the spray tanning business or new to using Norvell products is what are the most popular HVLP solutions? or what solutions or which solutions do you recommend I buy to start my business? We've created this Norvell Solutions Buying Guide to take the guess work out of the process and help you select the right solutions for your clients. 

Norvell Sunless is owned by Sunless Inc and they are the largest sunless solution manufacturer in the world. Norvell solutions are designed and made in the United States under rigorous controls and quality standards. This is critical as many spray tanning solution brands sold in the United States are actually manufactured overseas (primarily China) and then rebottled stateside by the sellers. Norvell has removed some of the solution guess work from the process for new buyers of equipment start up kits kits by including a sampling of their HVLP solutions (a mix of 34 oz and 8 oz bottles) to the help the new technician with the selection process. These Norvell sample solution packs consist of the most popular selling solutions along with samples of new products being introduced by Norvell Sunless.

Norvell currently provides one 34 oz bottle of Premium Dark solution, one 8 oz bottle of Venetian and one 8 oz bottle of Cosmo in their equipment kits. This combination of solution make good sense given Premium Dark solution is intended to support a wide range of customer skin types, at an affordable price, and to serve as the primary go to solution for most technicians. The 8 oz bottle of Venetian is intended to introduce the most popular violet based solution line at Norvell and finally the 8 oz bottle of Cosmo Vivid organic based solution to serve growing demand for that solution type.

Of course which solution works best for you and your clients will need to consider many factors such as natural skin tone, intended use (everyday, wedding, vacation etc), experience of the tanner, and previous customer preferences. To help in the selection process we've ranked the most popular Norvell solutions (as on Summer 2019) and will share a few tips regarding each for consideration. In addition, you can review the latest Norvell Sunless Color Chart to see the level of development color provided by each solution. 

#1 Norvell Venetian

Norvell Venetian is the most popular Norvell solution. The Venetian solution bronzer is made with a unique violet base, rather than the usual red in most sunless solutions, to further reduce the chances or orange development color. Venetian is a great solution for most skin types except very fair and for customers who have had had issues with orange development (along with a good pH balancing spray) for customers who have had issues with orange development. Norvell Venetian is currently the most popular HVLP solution made by Norvell. 

#2 Norvell Venetian Plus

Norvell Venetian Plus contains the same violet based bronzer as the top selling Venetian solution but it will have deeper instant color when sprayed on and the solution includes and a higher level of DHA content for darker development. When sprayed this solution will be darker and develop a few shades deeper than Venetian (see color chart). The Venetian Plus solution is a good choice for mid to dark skin types and will provide the darkest development color possible except for the DHA free Blackout utilized by competition bodybuilders.

#3 Norvell Premium Dark

Norvell Premium Dark is a key go to solution made with a traditional red based bronzer that can work with just about any customer except for those with the darkest skin types. The Norvell Premium Dark solution is very well balanced and development color will be mid range given the DHA content. This solution is extremely versatile and intended to serve the needs of most customers not looking for a specialty solution.  Norvell Premium Dark will work with the vast majority of clients.  

#4 Norvell Premium Double Dark

Norvell Double Dark as it's names suggest is a darker version of Norvell Dark. The solution provides the deepest DHA color except for the Venetian Plus and is popular for those seeking the darkest tan possible from a traditional solution utilizing a red based bronzer. Norvell Double Dark will normally support all skin types except for your lightest skin toned fair customers. 

#5 Norvell Rapid ONE

The Norvell Rapid ONE solution is specially formulated with DHA activation enhances that allow your customer to rinse the bronzer off in between 1 to 3 hours depending on the desired development color. This is a great choice for customers that are uncomfortable or unwilling to leave the bronzer spray on without showering for the usual 8-12 hours. The solution develops similar to Premium Dark  (red bronzer) but when left on 3 hours will provide a tan similar to Dark solution after 8-12 hours.  It can also be rinsed off as early as 1 hour after application to offer a lighter sun kissed color. This solution offers a premium convenience factor to your customers and is a little more expensive than most. However, the rapid development feature is desired by some customers who are willing to pay an up charge for the convincing of rinsing off sooner rather than later. 

#6 Norvell Venetian ONE

Norvell Venetian ONE utilizes the same rapid development ingredients used in the Norvell Rapid ONE but it also uses the highly popular violet based browser to minimize orange development color. The solution is sought after by users or Venetian who want the convenience and comfort of rinsing off early. The solution will provide a slightly darker development color than Rapid ONE and is a popular solution to cross sell your existing customers needing quick color before an event (Leaving on vacation, going out to dinner on a Friday night etc.)

#7 Norvell UVC Cosmo

In 2019 Norvell introduced UVC (Ultra Vvid Color) Cosmo a hybrid solution made with 50% red and 50% violet bronzers that also used naturally derived organic ingredients. The Cosmo solution is still relatively new but becoming very popular quickly given the great demand for healthy products with naturally derived ingredients. The solution is really a requirement in some parts of the country where demand for organic has become the norm and customers are willing to pay an up charge. The development color will be slightly darker that Premium Dark and Venetian. 

#8 Norvell UVV Cosmo Light

Norvell UVC Cosmo Light is still very new and was released just after Norvell introduced the original Cosmo in 2019. As you would expect this solution is the lighter development option of the regular solution. The Cosmo Light ingredients are the same but is uses a lower level of DHA to moderate color. The solution still maintains the benefits of being naturally derived yet it's a great choice for those fair skinned customers who look unnatural after using dark bronzers and deep development. 

#9 Norvell Premium Clear Plus

Norvell Premium Clear Plus solution is unique in that it's made without any bronzers. This means the solution sprays on clear and only shows color after the DHA begins to develop. The Norvell Clear Plus solution is popular and appropriate for light skin types that can be overwhelmed by dark bronzers and high DHA content. The Norvell Premium Clear solution contains the lowest percentage of DHA by volume among the solutions. In some regions of the country this solutions is very popular with customers wanting to avoid looking like they have a spray tan but seeking an option that will give them some natural looking color.    

#10 Norvell Competition Black Out

Norvell Competition Black Out is a unique solution intended for competitive bodybuilders that contains no DHA. The solution is essentially a very dark bronzer designed to enhance the visual appearance and depth of a competitors muscle structure when viewed under bright stage lighting. The solution does not generate any DHA development color over time and can be fully showered off. 

#11 Norvell Training Solution

Norvell Training Solution allows the new technician in to practice spraying with a bronzer for visual feedback that does not have DHA so mistakes can be easily washed away after practice. The solution will spray on and allow the technician to improve their technique without having to worry about the final outcome of the tan. The solution contains no DHA so the bronzer can be fully rinsed and washed off after training. 

Norvell Sunless Solutions Color Chart



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