Types of Tanning Beds: Residential vs. Commercial

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Types of Tanning Beds: Residential versus Commercial

There are two types of tanning bed categories: residential and commercial. The type that you need in your home will greatly vary based on your tanning bed needs. Each are different, so let's take a look at what makes both unique from the other type. 

  • Commercial Tanning Beds are your best choice if you plan on having a steady stream of clients using the tanning bed. These types of tanning beds are specifically designed for extended use and can be operated for hours at a time. Also, a commercial bed will be warrantied for commercial use (using a residential bed in a commercial setting will void the warranty) and it will be able to handle a variety of customers with different body types. Commercial tanning beds normally have 24 lamps or more to provide even UV exposure that avoids the possibility of streaking (tanning stripes on the customer) that are sometimes created by beds with fewer lamps.

As a result, steel is often used for this commercial beds and some use magnetic ballast electronics systems that create even electronics heating to extend life. The steel construction of some commercial-grade beds can make them heavier which means you would have a difficult time moving them around your home.

  • Residential Tanning Beds are designed to be a bit more moveable so that you can arrange your bed where you'd like within your living space. Some commercial tanning beds can weigh upwards of 500 lbs. while most residential tanning beds may weigh between 200 and 260 lbs.


Additionally, a residential tanning bed doesn't use a commercial-grade internal electrical system and may use fewer lamps, power, and materials. The system of electrical ballasts used by most residential tanning beds and the lower number of lamps will allow a residential bed to stay cooler and more comfortable during operation.

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