Solar Storm & Solar Wave Tanning Beds Electricity Costs

Solar Storm & Solar Wave 2011 Energy Ratings

The Solar Storm and Solar Wave tanning beds are designed to be Green Friendly and Energy-Efficient. To maximize energy efficiency 100% Fulham Ballast are used in all beds, regardless of their price point. These Fulham ballasts are the most energy-efficient ballast on the market today and the results are impressive. Below is an estimated sample of what each Tanning session would cost a consumer based on a National Average of .10 per KwH.

Model Voltage Cost per Session
Solar Wave 16RL 110V 3.8 cents
Solar Wave 24RL 110V 3.7 cents
Solar Storm 16R 110V 2.5 cents
Solar Storm 24S 110V 2.8 cents
Solar Storm 32S 110V 2.5 cents
Solar Storm 24R 220V 4.2 cents
Solar Storm 24C 220V 4.3 cents
Solar Storm 32C 220V 5.7 cents